Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008 - Today's the day

that we begin our toy moratorium! Liam has more toys then he could possibly need and as a result has a bad case of the "gimmes" with frequent bouts of the "I-gotta-have's". My grandmother sent him $20 for Easter, so he got to spend it today. After that there are NO NEW TOYS for at least one month!!

The problem is that he gets an allowance for various jobs he does around the house. He gets $5 a week. Most of the things that he wants to buy however are more then $5, but he can't bring himself to save up. That pretty blue paper burns a hole in his wallet faster then a cat in a blender.

So for one month we will "help" him save up his $$. He's on board with the idea, because he recognizes that he can't save up on his own. But the rule is no whining, crying or pitching a fit for a new toy during this time ~ actually that's the rule ALL the time, we're just really re-inforcing it for this period!

Wish me luck!!
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