Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9, 2008 - Today's the day

that I clean all of our stemware! By looking at our corner cabinet in the dining room you would easily assume that we are either heavy drinkers or a family of 30. We can easily serve champagne to 20+ people, in actual champagne glasses. And surprising, we have had that happen, just once!

Since Hilary is such a foodie, everyone feels that they should buy her foodie related gifts, a trap I have been known to fall into. So we have a ton of wine glasses, marguarita glasses, brandy snifters and tiny liqueur glasses. We also have my mohter's full crystal set that she got as a wedding gift 43 years ago.

The rub of all this is that we rarely drink! We might have wine at Thansgiving or Christmas, but otherwise the glasses sit and collect dust. And it's the dust that drove me to clean them today (that and my MILs upcoming visit!) If I get them all shiny and clean today I'll add a picture.

Next I have to move on to the teacups!

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