Monday, March 3, 2008

March 2 , 2008 – Today’s the day

That I engage in some retail therapy!

I don’t often get a chance to go shopping, between work and weekend commitments there just never seems to be time. It’s much easier for Hilary to drop Liam off at school and then go on her own whenever one of us needs new un-mentionables or assorted sundries. It is even less often that I get to go shopping without Liam in tow, who is usually barraging me with requests for toys, food or the ever popular “Are your ALMOST DONE???? Are we going home soon????” Shopping with Liam is as far from retail therapy as you can get.

So when Liam’s friend’s parents offered to take him on a full day play date and THEN called and asked if he could stay for dinner, Hilary and I immediately started making plans for being Liam-free for 8 hours while the sun was still up! The list of possibilities was endless: Paint the kitchen, finish painting the spare room, re-wire Liam’s ceiling fan, clean the house. Yeah right! Like we were going to do any of that stuff!

Instead we watched a movie, whole and complete without a single interruption or pause. And then we went shopping!!!

3 full hours of meandering through the mall at our own pace. Looking in the stores of our choice and never once venturing down an aisle that contained brightly lit items that beeped or buzzed at you as you walked by them.

We spent too much money, ate too much ice cream and had a wonderful time! It was also a great time for Hilary and I to just be together, talk about life and enjoy each other’s company.

I highly recommend that everyone try a little retail shopping every now and then.
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