Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No muffins for Iris

Sounds like the title to a children's book doesn't it? "No muffins for Iris - By Andy" What it really means is that it doesn't look like I will get to visit with Iris when I'm in Ontario this summer, which means that my Mom won't get to meet her and bring muffins to the park. (see this post for why she would)

I called Iris yesterday and we had a really great chat! It has taken us almost 6 years to be comfortable just chit chatting about life together. The reason we won't be able to get together when I'm there is that Madelaine will probably not be working. Her company is closing at the end of May and she is being laid off. Chances of her finding a job by the end of June are pretty slim. Luckily for her, she is getting a severance package of 37 weeks, so she has some breathing room to find another job. Unfortunately for me (and Iris), Iris won't be able to sneak away to meet me. They live together and pretty much do everything together. So Iris doesn't think she can make up an excuse to go off on her own for the afternoon.

I was kinda surprised at how disappointed I was. We've only had 2-3 face to face meetings, and last years was the first really comfortable one. During Madelaine's time off work, I will be pretty much cut off from any contact with Iris, so it will be back to reading obits again!
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