Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008 – Today’s the day

That I call and make myself a doctor’s appointment.

For the last couple of months I’ve had a variety of days with stomach pains, nausea, gassy-ness (TMI, sorry!) and generally just not feeling well. I’ve started keeping a food diary to see if I could pin it down to something specific, but so far, it remains pretty random. I thought it was a lactose problem, as I seemed to have more spells when I was having Hilary’s homemade yogurt every day. But I haven’t had any yougurt in 2 weeks and I’m still having problems.

Today, just before lunch I got this strange blotchiness on my chin and neck. It was red and HOT to the touch an a little bit itchy. I had bad stomach pains and felt dizzy and nauseous. But I was also STARVING. So I ate my lunch and then went outside for a bit, because by that point I was so overheated that I was ready to take my shirt off and lie down on the floor. Luckily my lunch buddy convinced me not to.

About an hour later, everything was pretty much better (except for the gassy part! Too bad I wasn’t working from home today!)

So if my doctor’s office ever starts answering the phones again after their 2 hour lunch break, I will make myself an appointment.


UPDATED: I've got an appointment for tomorrow morning.
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