Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 21, 2008 - Today's the Day

that Liam and I build "car world"!

We haven't done this in eons. He had a snow day (or a "the teachers need an extra long long weekend day, since it wasn't even snowing, or raining (they had called for freezing rain to happen during the night) by the time we woke up this morning.) In fact, it's been 10 degrees here all day. It has been raining... but it is the East coast. That happens a lot here.


We gathered up all the Hot Wheels track, some boxes for tunnels, a couple of containers for the water realm and put it all together! The hope was that this would keep Liam entertained so that I could work from home. It did... for a while!

But he was great at finding other ways to entertain himself and didn't bother me at all! I love working from home!!!

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